Wildflower’s Public Art Structure is Standing Tall!

At the center of the community, Wildflower’s new stone tower serves as a beacon, welcoming residents and passersby traveling along Mountain View Corridor. The structure has been in planning for years and under construction for several months. Referred to as the public art structure by DAI and City staff, this 30-foot tall entrance feature dominates the landscape and will light up the night sky when power is connected in the next month. The tower materials and details are indicative of the design esthetic that will be used for the primary and secondary entrance features that will be installed over the next few years.

Yesco Signs worked closely with the DAI team and Saratoga City staff for approvals to produce and build a structure that matched the vision that was first sketched out years ago. The foundation was built by JKM Construction, and Burbach Exteriors wrestled the elements to install the stone that was generously provided by Stone Connections. This fall, the DAI construction team will work on preparing the site for landscape installation in the Spring. The landscape plan by Landmark Design is equally impressive and will add to the beauty of Wildflower’s main entrance.