The 2023 Diaper Drive is a Huge Success!

Candlelight Homes and DAI make a substantial contribution to HomeAid’s Diaper Drive.

Photo: Candlelight and DAI employees in front of their 2023 Diaper House

Last Friday, Candlelight Homes and DAI joined forces to build a house made of diapers at HomeAid Utah’s 5th annual Diaper Drive event. Jeff Adams Design brought the team’s vision to life with architectural drawings, while AMK Builders constructed the base and structure. Also, our valued trades pitched in to help. Aspen Peaks supplied sod, Mountain View Builder Supply constructed the front door, Beacon Roofing Supply and WB Roofing provided roofing material, and Sunpro donated lumber. Thanks to all the contributors, the end product was quite impressive. 

This Year’s Diaper House Competition

HomeAid Utah’s Diaper Drive has exceeded expectations with the introduction of the Diaper House competition this year, a one-of-a-kind event that beautifully combines creativity with charitable giving. The competition took place at the Zagg Executive lot of Rio Tinto Stadium, where the main attraction of this event revolved around the chaotic construction of houses made from donated diapers. Ten prominent builders took center stage scrambling to construct their unique diaper creations in the allotted time at this year’s Diaper Drive competition. 

This year’s occasion not only aimed to surpass the donations of the previous year, but also to underscore the community’s evolving compassion and dedication. This year HomeAid has a goal of donating 750,000 diapers to the Utah Diaper Bank, however it has not yet been determined if the goal has been met.

Photo: Candlelight Homes & DAI Utah’s 2023 Diaper House

We are particularly fond of our captivating creation, where we envisioned a whimsical treehouse complete with a detailed trunk and giant mushrooms, enveloping fog, crackling campfire, and endearing woodland creatures. Some of the other designs included Mario Brothers, Snoopy, Candyland, Little Mermaid, Barbie, Ghost Busters, Repunzel and more. 

Photo: Diaper Drive contest winners, Barbie House by Richmond Homes, Candyland by Carpet Diem/Cadence Homes, and Farmhouse by Steelbiltt, Realtypath, and HBA

A Brief Look Back

Photo: Candlelight Homes and DAI employee donations in DAI’s Draper office

Last year’s Diaper Drive organized by HomeAid Utah was a resounding success, exceeding their goal of over 500k diapers. In 2022, DAI delivered an impressive 2,453 diapers, 6,300 wipes, and 209.6 ounces of formula to HomeAid Utah’s Diaper Drive. This year, 128 boxes (over 28,000 diapers) were donated through the diaper competition. Between Candlelight Homes and DAI employees an additional 996 diapers, 3,420 wipes, and 120 ounces of formula were donated. This commitment to participate underscores their dedication to support the community and those in need.

DAI Utah and Candlelight Homes: A Force for Good

Photo: Candlelight Homes & DAI’s 2023 Diaper House | Nate Shipp, DAI Partner with David Vitek, President of Candlelight Homes, and Don Adamson, Director of HomeAid Utah | Leo the Lion, Official Mascot of Real Salt Lake

The event underscored the collective understanding among all participants of the profound impact achievable when a community unites for a shared purpose. Nathan Shipp, a partner at DAI spanning more than two decades, remained an exemplar of leadership, playing a pivotal role in establishing HomeAid Utah’s foundation during his tenure as the affiliate President. Shipp’s unwavering dedication continues to set the standard, culminating in HomeAid Utah orchestrating the most substantial annual diaper contributions in the history of the Utah Diaper Bank.

Looking Ahead

As the Diaper House competition came to a close, the message was clear: collaboration, compassion, and community spirit can create profound change. DAI Utah, Candlelight Homes, and all those who participated or supported the event demonstrated the potential of unified efforts. The success of this year’s Diaper Drive will undoubtedly inspire a continuation of this tradition, further fueling the drive to support Utah families and children where more than 2.5 million diapers are needed each year, just in Utah alone.

For those interested in learning more about HomeAid Utah’s ongoing projects or contributing to their cause, please visit their official website at Together, we can build a brighter future for our community, one diaper at a time.

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