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Walker Park

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7272 South Walker Park Lane
Midvale, UT 84047
About Midvale

Midvale is a city steeped in history and filled with historic sites and attractions to explore. The Old Town area of Midvale, originally known as Bingham Junction, began as a center for industry and mining that was a critical midpoint between two major mining areas. To preserve Midvale’s rich history, the Midvale Museum on Main Street was established in 1979, and actively collects and maintains items and information from bygone eras.

The Midvale Arts Council sponsors monthly events for the community, focusing on performing and visual arts. The goal is to foster interest in the arts and bring the community together through targeted programs and events. Harvest Days is an annual event held in August, and has been hosted by the city for 75 years. It includes games in the park, neighborhood block parties, a fun run, and the best fireworks around. If a close-knit community and rich culture is what your looking for, Midvale is the place to be.

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